I'm Joy Osaka-Lu, founder of One Ripple, LLC, author, and speaker.

I wrote this book to give a perfect ending to my 34 years in corporate America across several sectors and profit models as a thank you to everyone who has ever worked for a living.

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What people are saying

Ripple effects is a very interesting way to reflect on our position and relationship with people.

Your book will get people out of the sleep state. The statements resonated powerfully. The more I reflect on your book,the more I feel you've implemented blue ocean strategy - uncharted and uncontested because your book lies at the intersections of business, human psychology, and fulfillment. In a league of its own. SR

Purpose-driven business culture

...helps people find a better approach to turning their lives into   something more in line with who they are and escaping behaviors that might   not serve them in the face of changes    It’s not   every day that I read a book that helps me in so many ways as I work on it too and where I am in my life! 

I am really impressed by your book for many reasons, one of which is that there is so much discussions in terms of trends in advertising, self-help and career guidance, and company culture on being purpose-driven.MLM

A new way to doing business

In this book, Osaka-Lu proposes a new way to doing business which accepts and embraces change, rather than fears it, and which makes a   powerful argument that the ‘power over’ and scarcity mindset paradigms are now outmoded and we need to find a new way to run corporations   An insightful and   unique look at business strategy from a deeper, spiritual perspective.’re really onto something important in terms of the way big companies and their employees operate and the shifts in culture and strategy which are desperately needed. SL

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